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As a sustainable clothing brand, our activewear is designed and built to last for many years. But, we understand that life’s adventures bring about a slew of unknowns (snags happen, spills are inevitable, and bodies change).  This program allows you to easily recapture the value of your used Good Somerville products (any condition) in the form of a $15 credit per item. In exchange, we'll take your old item back to renew, refresh and repair it; then get it back out into the market to serve the circular economy rather than ending up in our landfills.

How it Works:

  • Get Credit: Complete a simple trade-in form (below) to validate your current item’s authenticity. After completing this step a $15 credit code will be emailed to you within 24 hours or less.


  • Buy & Return: Pick out and purchase your replacement items using your credit code.  Once your order is placed, we’ll get it packed up and shipped out along with a pre-paid shipping label and eco-friendly bag that you can use to return your used items. No need to return the used items until you receive your replacement, but please try to have it in the mail within (7 to 14) days of delivery of the replacement. 


  • After-Life: Once we receive your used items, we’ll get to work giving them a breath of new life. We’ll repair and professionally clean (using eco-friendly methods) them so they're ready for a come-back in our store as second life products.

Trade-In Form:

Thanks for submitting!

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