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Meet Robin Somerville 

Former US Marine • Detail Obsessed • Purpose Driven • Vision Led • World Traveler 

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, being active and enjoying the outdoors (even with the PNW rain) was a big part of life – hiking, bike rides, baseball, camping trips were some favorite activities. After graduating high school, Robin shipped off to the Marine Corps. Serving a total of five years in the Marines with time spent in Southern California, Japan and Iraq. After leaving the Marine Corps, he decided to stay in Southern California, where he worked as a Quality Technician at a home audio company. While he worked during the day he spent his evenings and weekends focused on his education, ultimately earning is bachelors degree in 2012.

Shortly after graduating he found his way into a quality/supply chain role with the sunglasses brand Oakley. This was a great opportunity that allowed him to learn a lot about the ins and outs of product development, sourcing, quality engineering and large complex supply chains. This opportunity led Robin to find his way into a variety of other product integrity and quality roles with some other great brands (Lululemon, PetSmart, Tuft&Needle), where he was not only able to help ensure the development and production of quality products but also learn a lot about what goes into building and growing a brand that has meaningful values.

A natural problem solver, Robin was beginning to read more about how much waste the apparel industry was creating and wanted to be able to contribute to a growing movement to help change the way the clothing industry does business. Rather than endlessly pumping out low quality products season after season - he wanted to create a company that built clothing that was not only high quality and versatile but also embraced the the idea of the circular economy. That's when the idea of Good Somerville was born. And, from that point he begin formulating his business model to include a recommence strategy and products that had intrinsic resale value built in from the start.

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Meet Our Values


At its core, Good Somerville is wholly focused on building a Collective of Global Citizens who are inspired to embark on their own “adventure for good”. Our responsibility is to ensure we are equipping these Global Citizens with remarkably resilient and versatile performance apparel that allows them to play an active and meaningful role in the circular economy granting a real opportunity for increased clothing rotation and utilization –over– disposable clothing accumulation.

Our products are the vehicles that drive our purpose, which is why we are obsessively detailed about how they are developed and produced. Each product goes through an exhaustive ideation, creation and testing process to ensure they will stand up to the highest quality and performance expectations. We believe that if our product is doing its job correctly, you should forget that you're even wearing it. Additionally, we understand that life is full of unexpected events (bodies change, tears happen, stains occur) so we’ll take back any used items for refurbishment and recirculation in exchange for an unparalleled instant credit that you can use toward the purchase of a brand new item.

If our product is the vehicle that drives our purpose, then passion is the fuel. We seek to inspire our Global Citizens and those in our communities to embark on their adventures for good. We elicit inspiration and passion by engaging through stories and crusades of adventure, selflessness, and improvement. Our stories and adventures will come in many forms and some will pop up when you least expect it so make sure to stay on the look out for any Good Somerville propaganda!

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