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Dripping in GAWP

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Go Adventure with Purpose (GAWP)

An undeniable sense of meaning and fulfillment that comes about when you combine thoughtful action with that little blazing orb of energy deep inside your very being.

You know this feeling.

It’s there as you finish that morning run you were able to complete by reluctantly pulling yourself out of bed at 5:30am.

It’s there after you’ve thought about getting that project management certificate for years and finally pass that final exam. It’s there when you complete that first 5k with a shitty time, but don’t care because you’ve been telling yourself you’d do it for years and you did it!

It’s there as you pack up your family in an RV to travel all over the US exploring and photographing our beautiful planet. @lookingattheworldaroundme

It’s there after you spend an early Saturday morning with a bunch of strangers (now friends) in your neighborhood to go pick up trash.

It’s there when you leap over your own vulnerabilities to build a platform from the ground up not to make money but to share stories of growth and inspiration to help bring awareness to your adaptive tribe. @living_adaptive

It’s there as you teach others how to become better photographers so they can create more joy in their own lives. @adammgordon

I wonder what would happen if we all worked on chasing this feeling more than we worked on chasing what we felt like others expected we should be doing with our lives? Are you dripping in GAWP yet?

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2 comentários

I can’t imagine how anyone can resist being all in to GAWP after reading the inspiring blog. Well done! 🙌👏


Great inaugural blog post! The anecdote about that feeling after finishing finals resonated with me. That post finals bliss is always awesome. I’m still figuring out what my next adventure will be. Until then, I look forward to more blog posts.

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